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Cost per dollar borrowed and repayment: PayPal's Working Capital loan's weakest point is its high cost per dollar borrowed, as the cost range is $1.04 - $1.55. PayPal has pretty lenient requirements to qualify, and its high interest rates reflect that risk. PayPal almost does a good job of simplifying its rates by using only one fixed fee. However, its cost per dollar borrowed can be a bit tricky to understand, given how repayments are tied to individual PayPal sales. We get into more detail on it below. We were nonetheless appreciative of other aspects of LoanBuilder’s platform. pnc paycheck protection program The LoanBuilder Configurator made it extremely easy for customers to explore their loan options and have more of a say when it came to setting terms. LoanBuilder is quite transparent about the terms it provides and fixed repayments make it easy for customers to plan their loan repayment.